You will need keycaps compatible with the Kailh Choc v1 switches. Keycaps are not included in the kit.

Keycaps will have two parallel blades and usually fairly thin.

You'll need 58 x 1u keycaps. If you prefer the longer thumb keycaps like in some pictures then purchase 56 x 1u and 2 x 1.5u keycaps.

Some options:

  • Kailh keycaps:
    • Photos on this site use this keycap
    • They work will with the per-key RGB and are inexpensive

  • MBK are popular:
    • MBK Blank are widely available from multiple vendors
    • MBK Legends are still in manufacturing (Apr 2022)
    • MBK Legend Glow have limited availability. The shine through legends should work will with the per-key RGB.

  • NyType F1 Keycap Set

  • MoErgo POM might be available

 The keyboard uses the larger MX spacing so you can use keyboard designed for Choc or MX spacing. This applies just to spacing. The keyboard is NOT compatible with MX stems.