The Keyboard

The Sofle Choc is a 58-key split ergo keyboard using low profile switches

  • thin, 15mm from desktop to top of keycaps
  • 6×4+5 keys column-staggered
  • Kailh Choc v1 switches
  • hotswap sockets
  • per-key RGB
  • duel encoders and OLEDs

The Kit

The kit is a collection of parts for building the keyboard. It includes all the parts needed for a working keyboard except switches and keycaps. Many of the components include spares to cover mistakes.

  • 2 x PCBs (+1 spare)
  • 2 x top plates
  • 58 x Kailh hotswap switch sockets (+5 spares)
  • 60 x diodes (+20 spares)
  • 58 x SK6812 Mini-E LEDs (+22 spares)
  • 2 x ProMicro microcontrollers
  • 2 x 12 pin millmax sockets for socketing the microcontroller (+1 spare)
  • 2 x OLED modules (+1 spare)
  • 2 x OLED sockets (+1 spare)
  • 1 x TRS cable
  • 2 x TRRS connector (+2 spares)
  • 2 x reset switches (+2 spares)
  • 16 x silicone feet
  • optional encoders and knobs
The PCBs and top plates are typically available in a few colors:
  • White (pearl finish, shows off the LEDs)
  • Black (matte finish, looks sharp)
  • Blue (glossy finish, deep blue, traces are more visible than other colors, look really good as well)
  • micro-USB ProMicros
  • USB-C ProMicros (these are slightly longer and hang over the top of the PCB by a few millimeteres)
  • Wireless (see info on nice!nanos)

Encoder and Knobs

  • Silver, matte finish, no indicator marking
  • Black matte finish, no indicator marking

These are high quality, anodized, machined aluminum knobs typically used for stereo equipment. They have a nice weight and feel to them. They are a bit pricey so they are optional. If you'd prefer to look for your own, the build guide has suggestions on encoders.

Not included

These items will need to be obtained separately:

  • 58 x Kailh Choc v1 switches (see Switches for compatibility) 
  • 58 x choc keycaps (see Keycaps)
  • USB cable
  • tools for soldering and assembly

 See the Build Guide for more details on the tools needed.


This kit requires soldering and assembly.

It is relatively straightforward to solder. There are some small components like surface mount diodes but no fine pitch packages. It uses the easier to solder SK6812 Mini-E LED.

Several beginners have completed the kit. Typical hobby soldering irons will work, possibly with a smaller tip. The kit includes plenty of spares so you have some room for mistakes.

See the Build Guide for full instructions.


See the shipping page.


Use the Chat button in the lower right. Feel free to ask questions about the kit, switches, keycaps, tools or the build process. I started from scratch not that long ago so happy to answer any questions.

If you don't hear from me in a few hours double check your email spam folder and feel free to contact me by both methods.