This kit only supports:

This kit does not support:

  • Kailh Choc v2
  • Kailh Mini Choc
  • MX switches

Which switch do you recommend?

  • I think good starting switches are White and Red
  • White: I'd consider them tactile if you are coming from MX switches. Crisp with a light snick sound. These might be appropriate in an office setting especially if there is a background noise already. I use these
  • Red: linear, quite popular I think
  • Brown: often described as scratchy linears. I would tend to agree and instead recommend the white or red.


 Switch Type Activation Notes
White Clicky 50g
Brown Tactile 50g
Red Linear 50g
Pro Red / Crystal Red Linear 35g
Blue Linear 25g
Dark Yellow Linear 70g
Burnt Orange Tactile 70g
Pale Blue Clicky 70g
Purple / Purpz Linear 25g
Black Linear ?
Robin Clicky 57g
Light Blue / gChoc Linear 20g Collaboration with gBoards I believe, no longer available?
Navy Clicky 70g? Same spring as Pale Blue with thicker click bar
Jade Tactile 50g? Same spring as White wwith thicker click bar


All choc switches have 1.5mm pre-travel and 3.0mm total travel.


Switches are not included in the kit